Ambulance Subscription

January 1, 2019

The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company Inc. has just completed its tenth year of providing emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of the Bethany Beach fire district and surrounding communities. Our call volume remains consistent, with our ambulance service answering over 1,000 calls for service a year. We have explored, and continue to explore and implement every possible advancement the State of Delaware Emergency Medical Services Protocols allow. We now carry mechanical CPR devices, Carbon Monoxide Detection Equipment, CPAP breathing machines, and medications for severe allergic reactions and narcotic overdoses. We are very proud of our ability to answer your call for help, delivering competent and compassionate care your family deserves.

The busy summer months place additional stress on our EMS delivery system. We hire additional Firefighter/EMT’s to staff additional ambulances to meet our increased call demands. We now operate three ambulances to ensure an adequate number of ambulances are available to respond to calls for service. We have also increased our summer time staffing to ensure a timely response in our busiest months.

We need your help in meeting this financial need. Our service has been affected by inflation and our cost to operate our EMS service has increased. However, we are pleased to announce that the cost of ambulance service remains unchanged from last year. The cost to purchase an ambulance subscription membership remains at $53 per household. We feel that $53 is a very reasonable amount to pay compared to the valuable service you receive in your time of need. Again, we need your financial support so we can continue to provide the very best EMS service for our community.

Participation has another benefit beyond supporting this critical community need. The average cost of an ambulance run to area hospitals is $1,000 and insurance typically covers only half that amount. We then bill the patient for the difference. If you are a subscriber we will not bill you, your family or guest (even renters) for any amounts not covered by insurance. Please join us, the community contributors and current subscribers in making this undertaking as economical and equitable
as possible.

If you have any questions or wish additional information please do not hesitate to contact EMS Chief Phil Brackin at [email protected].

Best wishes for a safe 2019,

Jack Martin                Michael Suit                  Brian Martin                Phil Brackin
Treasurer                   President                      Fire Chief                    EMS Chief

If your property lies within the boundaries of the Incorporated Towns of Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick Island, or the communities of Sea Colony, Middlesex Beach, Bethany Village, Breakwater Beach, Cotton Patch, The Cove, Gulls Nest, Heron Bay, Kings Grant, Ocean Breezes, Ocean Ridge, Ocean Village, Pelicans Pouch, Queens Quest, The Preserve, Sea Break, SeaDel, South Shore, or Sussex Shores you may disregard this solicitation- you are already enrolled.

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