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Hurricane Joaquin Preparation - BBVFC Headquarters

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chief Brian Martin from your Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company is taking extremely seriously the 2 looming storms. Chief Martin quantified this is a one, two, punch to Bethany Beach, Delaware. First the “Nor’easter” doing its damage to Bethany Beach, then comes Hurricane Joaquin with the second stomach punch! With all the meteorological data being furnished to Chief Martin on an ongoing basis, he is comparing this to the storm of 1998. This has triggered him to formulate numerous preparations for a possible major disaster to our community. As Chief Martin stated, “we owe it to the community to keep them safe”. It has become essential to boost the levels of volunteer firefighter personnel over the next 4-5 days. EMS Chief Phil Brackin also increased his personnel to manage imminent calls for emergency medical services. Aerial Tower 70 was repositioned to Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company. Chief Martin expounded that winds exceeding 45 mph establish an unsafe environment when operating an aerial ladder and the space was required to store emergency supplies. All fire company materials have been moved either off-site, or to higher-ground. On a lighter note, this also brings out the many talents of firefighters. Career FF/EMT Brice Hickman was busy in the kitchen preparing “homemade chili” and other culinary delights for the member’s appetite. Due to the topography of Bethany Beach, many of the volunteer staff will leave their homes and remain at the fire company since roads will be impassible. This will afford them the opportunity to have a hot meal from time to time. Asst. Chief Tyler Hickman’s son, Colin, stated he is eating his cookie so he will one day be strong and join the fire company. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Brackin of Godwin Pumps for loaning BBVFC several pumps and hoses. Their website is

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